Is it overly annoying to crow about such a little thing? Don't care.  Today was the first time I ranked as "Top Influencer" in the Microsoft Alumni and FTE LinkedIn group -- I've been experimenting a lot more this week with different types of social media tools, and ramping up how I use LinkedIn, and it's brought up some weird thoughts.One thing is that there are SO MANY social media apps, tools, platforms, etc. out there today, the past week has been sort of analogous to this scenario:  if I wanted a new CAR, I'd have to test drive virtually every type of car sold in the USA before I could make a decision.  Who has time for that?  I'd rather ignore 90% of what's available, and just go get a damn car that fits my needs well enough -- and if I happen to miss out on the perfect car because I didn't test drive every single model, no big whup.  I've got the wheels I need.  I think that's one of the reasons that for most types of product categories, there are one or two 800ob gorillas, and a slew of also-rans:  human brains love to categorize, and we definitely get sick of test-driving!  But I still think the Top Influencer thing on LinkedIn is cool, and I saved a screenshot of it.  Vanity, thy name is Laura, today!